ASPEP- Resources and Recent Reports

This page is designed to assist Principal Psychologists and Depute Principal Psychologists in accessing recent relevant reports or national documents. It also includes reports from national working groups that ASPEP is represented on.

Implementation of the ASL Act Parliamentary Report

Children Too Ill to Attend School- A Conversation -Dec 2013

ASPEP Annual Report 2012-13

Standards for Placements March 2012

LACSIG Update Nov 2012

Scottish Strategy for Autism 2012

Getting the right help in school – Two new guides from Enquire explain young people’s rights

Getting the most out of education can be difficult if you are looked after or struggling to be in school. That’s why Enquire has produced two news guides to help children and young people understand their rights to support in school.

‘What happens when you can’t go to school?’ will help children and young people understand their rights to get support so they can carry on with their learning even when they are not at school. The guide considers a number of reasons young people might be away from school including being ill, caring for a family member, being excluded, home schooled, from a travelling community or a refugee.

‘Extra Help at School when you are looked after’ will help looked after pupils understand their rights to extra support and what that support might be. It explains how they can be involved in making decisions about their learning and the planning that should be in place for them as they prepare to leave school.

Created with help from children and young people, the guides are an essential tool for all those working with young people who aren’t in school or who are looked after. Short and easy to read, like all Enquire’s resources, it has been accredited by the Plain Language Commission. The guides can be used as a teaching resource for a whole class or with individual pupils.

Both guides can be downloaded from Enquire’s website: