Principal Educational Psychologist (PEP) Network

Principal Educational Psychologist (PEP) Network

Mercer (1996) advises that as far as leadership in general is concerned, the most senior role in an organisation is the one which carries elements of isolation.  A recent article in The Guardian 9Grant, 2015) advises on similar issues.  Entitled ‘Isolation, stress and tears … the truth about being a headteacher’, the article helpfully goes on to describe coping strategies including:

  • Find a colleague who will create a safe space where you can talk freely and talk about your thought processes and reflect upon your actions.
  • Regularly take time to think about your leadership style and skills
  • Recognise that one of the ways we build inner strength is when we learn to ask for help because when we ask for help, we accept that we need relationships and meaningful connections with others to help us overcome life’s challenges.

In recent years, there has been a number of newly appointed Principal Educational Psychologists within our profession and informal networks began to form to provide staff with this type of support.  By formalising this network, we are hoping to ensure that all Principal Psychologists feel supported within their role.

This network is open to all Principal Educational Psychologists who feel they could benefit.  The meeting dates for the next academic year are:

  • 3rd September 2015, 2pm
  • 19th November 2015, 2pm
  • 11th February 2016, 2pm
  • 5th May 2016, 2pm

Meetings generally take place in the Glasgow area.  If you wish to attend please contact Jacqui Ward at