Guidance on Principal Educational Psychologist Posts

Guidance for Principals on ASPEP involvement in appointment procedures for Principal Psychologist Posts

The following procedures are designed with the aim of offering local authority managers of psychological services the opportunity to benefit from professional advice from ASPEP on the appointment of a Principal Psychologist.

ASPEP would not offer decision making involvement, but could be involved in the short leeting process and could also participate as an adviser to an interview panel.  The ASPEP adviser would not have a vote in the decision to appoint but would act as an adviser on matters of professional expertise and knowledge.


1.   The departing Principal Psychologist informs his/her own manager that ASPEP are  willing to advise and support Authorities on appointments for Principal Psychologist.

2.   If agreed by the manager concerned, the departing Principal would provide them with the contact details of the ASPEP Secretary.

3.   If the manager contacts the ASPEP Secretary, a preliminary discussion can  take place on the range of support that is being sought and can be offered.

4.  ASPEP Executive approaches one or more members to ask for assistance.

5.  Nominated ASPEP member contacts Authority Manager and directly negotiates  involvement.

6.  Following the appointment, nominee informs ASPEP Executive regarding the nature of the support provided and any further feedback on the process.

7.   It is expected that the appointing authority would re-imburse the ASPEP nominee for travel costs and expenses.

ASPEP Executive