COVID-19 Resources and Useful Links


These resources and links have been collated from Educational psychology Services across Scotland to support staff and families. Where possible we have referenced the author and source however given the need for resources urgently we feel it is essential to share as much as we can.

The link below takes you to the website which has a number of useful links compiled by Dan O’Hare, educational psychologist.

The following resources are aimed at helping parents and carers.

ASPEP guidance for parents

Self Care Guidance

MindHeart Covibook – A story about coronavirus (18 Languages)

Helping children and young people manage in unsettling times – Dumfries and Galloway

The Autism Educator – coronavirus social story

School Closure Toolkit- supporting ASD



C19 with visuals

C-19 Daily Routine for Home Template


Extensive list of learning, arts and crafts activities for children

The following resources are aimed at helping teaching staff and other education professionals:

The World Health Organisation (WHO)  has recently published considerations to support mental health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak.

This guidance has specific recommendations for health care workers, caretakers of children, caretakers of older adults and people in isolation.

The Division of Educational and Child Psychology (DECP) 

DECP released advice on talking to children about coronavirus. There are five simple tips focusing on honesty, openness and validating children’s emotions.

The following documents contain a range of web-links to materials and supports from a range of providers and sources. These were collated by EPs in Glasgow Psychological Service.





Here are links to the three short videos that Dr. Bruce Perry has made with specific reference to COVID-19. More to follow!

NN COVID Series: 1 – Patterns of Stress determine Risk & Resilience

This brief (15 min) video with Dr. Bruce Perry discusses how the pattern of stress can determine risk or resilience.  The importance of structure, predicability and moderation of daily stress is highlighted.  The malleability of the capacity to demonstrate resilience is discussed.


NN COVID Series: 3 – Emotional Contagion


In this brief (20 min) video, Dr. Bruce Perry discusses ’emotional contagion’ and talks about the power of calm.  The concept of power differential is discussed in context of human interactions and discusses the importance of calm, regulated leadership in times of stress and distress.

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